The Extra Space Storage platform has earned the reputation as being the best in the business, supported by our same-store outperformance.

Through an emphasis on technology, we are able to drive a disproportionate share of the customers in a given market to our properties, through sophisticated digital marketing strategies. Our expertise in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and visibility in social channels, all help drive customers to our website, our call center and ultimately to our properties. Once customers enter any of our sales channels, we strive to provide a consistent customer experience and help them find a frictionless solution to their storage need.

Our pricing is driven by a proprietary revenue management system, which has been refined through years of testing and optimization. Occupancy, discounts and rates are all levers at our disposal to maximize revenue.

Our scale provides additional strength to our platform. At the end of 2017, we had almost 1,500 properties on the platform, creating millions of customer data points, which can be used for testing and decision making. Our size also provides economies of scale to control our expenses, and additional density to build a physical and digital presence in each of our markets. As we continue to grow our portfolio and refine our systems, the strength of the platform is also enhanced.

92% Same Store Occupancy

656,000 Total rentals

Over 39 million total website views

10 million total visitors